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From Pete


I have been involved and interested in building for most of my life.  My father was an electrical engineer by trade.  But for as long as I can remember, he was the one remodeling our home or building decks and fences.  When I was young, I helped him with projects and as I got older, I started to work summers for our neighbor who was a developer.  I have worked for a landscape contractor, a foundation contractor, several framing contractors, and general contractors during my career.

The process of learning a trade and becoming proficient in it has always been a very satisfying experience for me.  I believe that proficiency in any field begins with understanding and knowledge. Houses have become much more complex in recent years with new building and energy codes.  Having a good understanding of how all the systems need to work together is more important now than it has ever been.

I started Pete Moffat Construction in 1985 with a basic philosophy that still holds true today: Success will come if we understand a project and can bring value to it.  To truly understand a project, we need the help of the homeowner, architect and all our workers and subcontractors.  A lot of people come together to build a home and each one is important.  It is my company’s goal to honor everyone on the team, from the architect and homeowners to the subcontractors and laborers. They each have knowledge and skills that contribute to creating a house that looks good and functions well.

The SF Peninsula has discriminating clients and sophisticated design professionals who demand innovative details and construction methods that challenge the builder.  I personally take part in the team that addresses these challenges on each of our projects.

At Pete Moffat Construction, we contribute to solutions based on the knowledge, experience, and creativity of the design and construction team.  We exist to support homeowners to build their dreams and architects to fulfill their visions.  Every day when I go to work, I know that I’m not going to be bored!